Payroll Nanny

  1. Create an Account
  2. Log In
  3. Create an Employee Profile
  4. Edit/Delete an Employee Profile
  5. Record Time
  6. Edit your Payroll Nanny Profile
  7. Link your Account


1.  Create an Account

Payroll Nanny is free and you can create as many accounts as you want.  Just click the "Create an Account!" button from the splash screen and fill in the form:
Note that usernames and passwords must be at least 5 characters long.  Also, only 1 Payroll Nanny account per unique email address is permitted (to see why, visit the Link your Account section).  When an Payroll Nanny account is created, you'll see a success message and invitation to "Log In Now!".
2.  Log In
Simply enter your username and password into the splash/login screen.  You have the option of remembering your username so you don't have to enter that every time you access the Payroll Nanny app:
If you have problems logging in or forget your password, please contact us at  Currently, we don't offer an automated password retreival system but that is coming soon.
The first time you log in, you of course will have no employees from which to select:
Select the Options Menu on your device to get access to top-level menus, including "Add an employee":
Selecting "Add an employee" will load a simple employee profile page.  The employee name must be unique to the current user.  Only enter the numeric portion of the wage.  Wage info is not a required field.  If an invalid entry is encountered in this field (like "$10.00" or "155.0"), the value will be disregarded.  You can also declare whether or not you want the employee to be subject to overtime rules.  This means hours worked over 8 hours a day will be computed at 150% wage and hours worked over 12 hours a day will be computed at 200% wage.
Adding this employee will make him or her selectable:
Performing a long click on an employee name will enable you to edit or delete an employee:
Refer to the Create an Employee Profile section for logic info about editting a profile.  "Delete Employee" will permanently remove the employee from your account so be cautious!
 Clicking an employee name will bring up a date selection screen.  Payroll Nanny works in week long increments so if you desire to enter time for the current week (weeks start on a Sunday), click the "Skip to current week" button.  Time/date info from the specific device is used in this calculation.  Weeks can also be selected by specifying the quarter (current quarter is selected by default) and spinning through the weeks and clicking on the desired selection:
Once a week is selected, the Sunday through Saturday details are displayed.  Click the empty gray boxes to select the appropriate start and stop time for that day.  Very Important: Payroll Nanny currently calculates time in 15 minute increments and time is rounded up.  This means an employee cannot start work at 8:05 AM, for example.  It must be 08:00 AM or 08:15 AM in this case.  To enforce this logic rule, time is always rounded up.  8:01 AM through 08:14 AM will be automatically changed to 08:15 AM.
A running paycheck total is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  The schema is:
Hours/Pay [Non-overtime hours]([Overtime hours])/[Total pay]
In the above screenshot, Melissa worked 39 hours 45 minutes of non-overtime hours plus 1 hour 15 minutes of overtime to yield $915.75 (her wage is a generous $22.00/hour and she is afforded overtime rules).
To remove start and stop times for a particular day, click the "C" button on the far right.  In the following screenshot, Thursday's "C" button was clicked:
Nothing is written to the database until "Save" is clicked.  "Cancel" causes no changes to be written to the database. 

Accessing the Options Menu from the screen presented after logging in displays an "Edit your profile" link:

Currently, users are only able to change passwords.  Passwords must be at least 5 characters long:
 Payroll Nanny enables users to link accounts with someone else.  This is especially useful if 2 people (say, a household) need the ability to access the same data (say, a nanny's work hours).  To take advantage of this option, 1 person must be the master account.  The master account user should log in and access the Options Menu from the main screen and click "Link to another account":
Now, enter the email address of whoever you want to link to and click the "Link" button.  This email address doesn't require an active corresponding Payroll Nanny account but it could be:
The next time the user with this email address logs in (or creates a Payroll Nanny account), they will be presented with the same data available in the master's account.  Accounts utilizing this feature will be identified on the main screen below the list of employees:
To summarize, let's use another example:
  1. My wife and I employ a nanny and we both want to manage her time.  I create a Payroll Nanny account.
  2. Upon logging in, I access the "Link to another account" screen, enter my wife's email address, and click "Link".
  3. I tell my wife how great Payroll Nanny is going to make our lives.
  4. My wife downloads Payroll Nanny and creates an account, complete with her email address.
  5. Whenever my wife logs in, she is presented with my data set.  She can edit the nanny's employee profile and record/modify her time just like me.
  6. Life really is great!